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At Private Harbour, we are the steward of your financial future

We are your trusted financial advisor, always putting your investments at the forefront of everything we do.

We attract the type of client who believes that their financial advisor ought to care about their goals as much as they do. Our commitment to our clients is reflected best by our willingness to invest the time to recognize and understand your personal and financial situation today as well as in the future as your life unfolds.  By taking the time to learn about you, we believe that we will develop a deeper understanding of what really matters to you so that we might provide you with an investment experience to best meet your goals.


We do not sell annuities, insurance, mutual funds or any commission-based products. In fact, we are completely independent of any external financial pressures to “sell you anything”. We do not earn commissions from the investments we purchase or sell within your portfolios.  The fee you pay to Private Harbour is for our financial and investment expertise…and it goes far beyond just asset allocation selections of other investment managers.


Our preferred client is typically conservative in their financial affairs.  Their mindset is of protecting and growing their wealth by achieving a reasonable and steady positive long-term return rather than the extreme ups and downs that come with a high-risk, short term investment horizon.

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