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Choosing the Right Advisor: Why We Do What We Do

Private Harbour Investment Management and Counsel was founded in June of 2008.  Our goal was to improve the lives of others by actively managing our clients’ investment portfolios in order that they would have a “reduced” risk-profile…one that we believe is appropriate for investors who have already accumulated significant investment assets and want to earn a reasonable return during good stock markets, but more importantly, protect against a significant portfolio losses during bear markets.


By removing the burden of having to personally understand extremely complex financial markets as well as financial, tax and estate planning we help you manage your financial responsibilities so you can relax.  You will know that you have smart, honest, caring and financially conservative people working for your benefit.  We manage your investments so you can spend your time on what you want.

Ask any of our staff about how they came to be in the Financial Services industry, and you will surely get some different answers. But ask them instead why they got into the Financial Services industry and we will all respond with the same reason: we enjoy helping people!

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